DÜBÖR Octopus - The Next Generation

A new level of a hygienic and intelligent machine generation

Industry 4.0

New DÜBÖR Octopus nozzle
New DÜBÖR Octopus nozzle

With the new Octopus release agent spraying system, DÜBÖR® reaches a new level of a hygienic and intelligent machine generation.


Even the well-known classic DÜBÖR® nozzles get a new hygienic shape and innovative internal technology.


The Ethernet based control unit is the foundation of what is known "Industry 4.0".


All sensors and material regulators are linked to the control unit and give permanent data.


Fixed values compared in real time with measured figures and give direct feedback on the quality of spraying and amount of material required.


Condition monitoring

DÜBÖR Octopus with conveyor belt
DÜBÖR Octopus with conveyor belt

Condition monitoring and status of the Octopus is available online which includes the facility to allow control of the machine on any of the customer service teams' mobile devices or alternatively on the main control unit of the entire production line itself.


The control unit is very easy to access and intuitive to use with an interface that reminds you of your tablet computer making it much easier to set up the machine.

Connected and Protected

DÜBÖR Octopus - screen shot user menu
DÜBÖR Octopus - screen shot user menu

The Octopus is directly linked to the internet and is protected by highest level of industrial security.


"Big Data" is, therefore, not only available on the machine but also on personal devices.


Consequently, the customer can work out every value he or she is interested in and can improve the quality of production by himself without being near the machine.


DÜBÖR® can also monitor the system remotely maintenance and support purposes. 

Modular System

DÜBÖR Octopus with conveyor belt
DÜBÖR Octopus with conveyor belt

The Octopus system is modular and due to the fact that all nozzles can be switched separately, with an optional second arm, the machine covers all types of baking moulds in one's imagination.


The standard machine is delivered with one arm, but it can be upgraded to a two arm system anytime at customer's premises.


The modular design of the DÜBÖR® Octopus enables the machine to grow with the demands of the customer and comes with or without a conveyer belt.

Precise adjustment by touch screen

The innovative next generation of spraying devices for releasing agents for the baking industry.


Our new Octopus spraying device is integrable and can be customized in a modular conception for your own requirements.

  • hygenic according to EHEDG
  • intelligent and interactive handling
  • precise adjustment of the nozzles and
    compressed air by touch screen
  • connected - "Industry 4.0"

Meeting the today's and tomorrow's standarts. 

Thanks to the DÜBÖR Airmix method there is very low overspray and any unnecessary soiling.

Press articles

DÜBÖR Octopus - Baking Europe
DÜBÖR Octopus - Baking Europe

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DÜBÖR Octopus - INDUSTRY europe

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Data Sheet

Data Sheet Octopus
Data Sheet Octopus

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DÜBÖR Octopus.